Tuesday, January 31, 2006

gODz mUSt bE cRaZy !

A ray of light, gently beating my eyelashes , into my sight, slowly opening my tender eyes... realising am still in the alien land...I turned n almost fell, a hand was very strongly binding me...looked on, a sweet plump lady was holding me with all her grip, so that I wont run away !

She was the only one who was loving me all day n nite in this lonely land ! lonely not alone ! as she mildly summoned for someone else, came a tall, dusky man with an untrimmed beard...
he gave me a cheeky smile almost instantly, and took me by his hand...
Tears rolled into my eyes, as I was to leave the true love of the plump lady in the lonely land for somemore time...

The man in beard quite amazed me. He left the land everyday early morning and came back late at nite, speaks a few words with Ms.plump, and sleeps off.

As I was wondering he left the land in his own private jet. Dunno, where he has gone :-o.
Came in another guy. All the more rugged. Uncombed hair. He scared the daylights outta me....oh my !
I screamed .. which brought the entire land alive..phew ! Ms Plump rushed in n yelled at Mr Rug .."how may times do I hav to tell u. Jus leave her alone".

Mr Rug, was quite Unperturbed, as he ogled at me again with a cute wink. I got a bit guilty. Maybe I shudnt have screamed.

While, I was thinking, came in a glass of milk. Dont u get anything else in here. I am having the same stuff for so many days. The Curtains came down in my eyes. I went asleep. again. again n again. I was sleeping for more than 15hrs a day.
...Entered my dream land...
"I wanna meet the lord!"
St. peters: "hez meditating. plz wait for a moment"
The Lord: "yes dear. what happened?"
"Thts enuf gawd ! I cant take it anymore. plz bring me back to heaven. I wanna rest in ur lap forever"
"Oh yet another gripe ! Chill dear. It is jus a few months since u were born on earth. u hav a purpose to fulfill before getting back"
"I feel all are alien to me. I sleep, I cry. I drink milk. nothin else. Is this the purpose u told?"
"There are miles to go before u finally sleep. Might be a day, when u will never feel like comin back to me."
"When can I talk ? and plz...when can I walk (I wanna kick tht rug on his dash ;-))?"
"Relax. Mr Beard is ur dad. Ms plump is ur mom. They will make the earth, a better place to live for u."

A small agitation... n I was back to earth.
"oh my god !I forgot to ask, who Mr Rug was??"
He was fondling my cheek with his hands. "u moron, get away frm me. oh my ! I jus cant talk... "

Ms plump, came to my resucue. again ! "Dei brother..leave her da. u have to wait for 18 more years to make her urs..."
n came a cool reply frm him " I dont mind ;-)"..
I said to myself "Excuse me ! I mind..a lot !"

Looked around, n again no one was there. There was an old man doing all gimmicks to make me smile. Probably my grandpa...
"Old genteleman, I do understand tht humans evolved frm the monkeys. but how on earth, dyu expect me to smile for tht ?"
Ms Plump was giggling on one side. Probably Mr Beard is online. She kept the phone on my ears n told "Its ur dad"...
If I cud talk, I'll ask him to come back early..:)...!

Sunday, January 29, 2006

Wanna be ! ;)...may be...wud be.....

Well, me too gettin inducted into the most happening tags of all time I guess...
Have never ever seen such quick responses and tag takers frm blogspot n o3..before! ;-)...Tagged by quite a few pals..Anck(guess shez doin taggin as a part time business apart frm being a tech professional ;-)), rashmi n xtremely_insane !
All guyz were jus pepped up with their "ready to shoot" 8 pointer abt their wanna be's...

Did take sometime for me to pen this down , and I was'nt cent percent ok, as I wud luv to explore any frienship with the days passing by !... tht really thrills me instead of restricting ne'one with what I want frm them...

here goes...!

1. Dress to ur attitude, wear ur smile, look into my eyez ! (being a lil cute will do ;-)
2. Sing for whatever percussion I play (doesnt matter if ur not a bombay jaishree, verum kaathu varama irundha seri ;-)

3. A Hug is mandatory when riding pillion with me on long rides ! (mostly 2 hands shud suffice..)
4. Talk more ... am all ears for the mumblings...as most of the times I'll be in loss of words :-p...(mostly man of action !..heehee) n eat more...I hate dieting ... (fitness might matter...as it might help... doin more...to life...;)
5. Dance with me on a rainy day for the tunes of "Meham Kotatum","Aathadi ammadi", "Van Meham","Oho Meham vandhadho"... ;)!

6. Work, climb corporate ladders ! look beyond ...There is more to life than chocs,teddie's n icecreams ..:-p (I'll try to help in cooking occasionally like u make the meal, I do the Dessert...:-D)
7. Be independent, coz' am Not to invade my queen's kingdom every now n then :-D
8. Lean on my shoulder. That's the safest place I can take u ! :)

To give an ex..Preity Zinta in Dil Chahta Hai...(ok now dont scream bad words on me..its jus her character am pointin here...chill chill

and guess...my entire blog network is tagged as am late doin this tag...
I think Mr. Jade is still leftover...and he can take over ! :)

Disclaimer : Points mentioned above are highly subject to change without prior notice, as the author is slightly fickle minded at times, though sanity can be restored by mild doses of angelina jolie n aish rai ;)

Adios !

Friday, January 20, 2006

wHIMs of Stars ...- 3 !

As he was playing with the kid, he heard a voice.
The ever pleasant voice. The words that chilled his mind.
"Hi Shreyas". She was tall, neatly clad in a cotton saree.
Shreyas slowly started reciprocating as he was almost lost by her changed looks.(may be towards life;-)

Her once inquisitive, blink a second, eyes have become matured n lively emitting care and enthusiasm. And a pleasant surprise which she tried to hide. He at once realised , she was slightly exultant in seeing him.

"Sorry if I had made you wait ?"
["I am still waiting"].
"No problem. It is worth the wait".
She gave a warm smile, but still her cheer in seeing him flowing outta her eyes, which she couldn't suppress.

They went for a small stroll under the shades of the innumerable trees planted, with the chirping of birds reminding shreyas the purpose of his visit as Mita explicated on her mission of life and why she kept a safe distance from the rest of the world and worked in a disconnected mode.

"why? No calls? No mails?"
"If I say I wanted to concentrate, that may not be fully true. But I really wanted to give myself absolutely"
Shreyas mumbled, "may be to bring the golden rays of ur intellect and diligence to focus"
Hours passed as they chatted under a tree. Mita went about saying, how she got the thought which gave wings to her dreams, and ultimately became a mission of her life.
Shreyas pondered "was she one in a million ? If one in a million can think like her, a thousand villages will flourish in India."

And mita shook his hand..
"Shreyas, what about u.how are things?"
"Oh yeah, I passed out of college.Am a software engineer.
The end ;-)"... n they both were laughing their hearts out !

Shreyas couldn't hide the curiosity of the kid with the same name he saw in the lobby."Oh come on, She is my neighbours daughter. They like me a lot, n so kept my name" For a moment, he thought "even I can change my name to mm..m..Mita? ;-)"

They had a lunch-on under the tree, with a typical hot villagic cuisine served in a plantain leaf.Shreyas almost gulped a jug of water and finally enjoyed the dessert called "chaka pradhaman", a keralite delight !
"How do you make this?"
"It is almost a jack fruit milk shake"
Shreyas looked up the sky and thanked god for giving him a day of freedom frm pizzas n bugers.

As shreyas was playing with the kids on the block, Mita stood there admiring him from a distance. Days went back....
Her ruminations of the college corridor playing again in her mind. Her admiration for him. His known crush. Her secret concealed affection. Her mission. Her detachment finally n now he is back. Is it the whims of stars ? Years have gone by. What if he just came to see me and nothing else ?
Shreyas paused. She just came back to reality.
"Am gonna leave".
"[again :-( ?] oh ya. Hope you had a wonderful time. It was so refreshing to see you back."
n the kids again pulled him for play.

Mita closed her eyes. A few moments passed. She wished God that it could rain so that no one would see her cry ! ...

She went back to her lounge, concealed her face in her hands. There was a bunch of flowers on her table. Slowly held them in her fingers and grazed her cheeks over them.... A small card fell on the floor. A cute lad winking with a flower. As she opened.. the words read... "Will the angel take me to the heaven of love? - From loving shreyas to the ever lovable mita". The moment, all the windows of her world opened. She threw the flowers up in cheer and again wished God it could rain, so that she could dance !

It was the twilight zone. The Sun was about to bid adieu for the day and get back to its abode under the ghats. Shreyas looked at the sun set. Is it depicting his love leaving him ? or just to dawn again tomorrow ?

He packed his bags. Hugged the kids. And finally kick started his bullet. The children were waving their hands and he began his retreat after the sweet treat ;-).As he was riding, he saw a small gift neatly wrapped, placed inbetween the bike's dashboard.There was a sudden brake. He was jus not able to hide his cheer n unwrapped the gift. It was a photoframe with a pic of Mansas,mita and the kids. He kept it safely in his bag. His element of ecstasy took a heavy beating n he was about to throw the wrapper into the wind ...n he saw someting being written into it.

"Wait for me ! The angel is comin with u !" - Mm..mm..mita..

...His ecstasy knew no bounds ...
... The End ...:)

Tuesday, January 10, 2006

wHIMs of Stars - Part 2 !

It was a cold and raw morning, with the westerly winds accompanying him in the pilion.Shreyas was slowly heading down south.As he drove over the roads with the sweet smell of corn and hay in the air, past little yet dense forests of coconut and palm trees on either side. There was streaks of straw laid on the road with a mirage every now n then welcoming his dreams. He saw a lonely smoke from a far off chimney which exhilarated his feeling of isolation being encapsulated in the morning darkness with trees flying silently behind and his mind going on a rewind !

His heart was back to his cheerful college days. The gang of pals.. The stolen food.. An array of laughter every minute.. The lively brotherhood he enjoyed.. and the sweet young thing who tought his eyez to stop blinking;-) He thought for a moment..
"I am going to feel the cheer again".

There were scores of people flexing their muscles mending the crops and gradually begining their daily chores, with the sun slowly raising its head wishing them a bright morning. He pondered for a moment.."Are they living life fully ?". He confirmed, nevertheless, Peacefully.
No Pollution. No Mobiles. No deadlines. No Stress.
Looking at the lively environment, his zeal scaled a new zenith !
"Why on earth are people going to mindless tourist places ? Can nature be heaven ? Ofcourse ! "

He managed to reach the village near tanjore and enquired about her with a slight rush in the adrenaline, as he was cent percent sure that his neck might fly with the suckle for such a question down south. To his surprise, the men, with glowing respect, neatly guided him to a place called "Mansas - The knowledge Society".

As he drove towards the place on a two lane highway, with meticulously sculpted modern buildings with an ancient touch of the Gurukula style, next to small houses resembling ancient huts where the workers lived. His bike passed farm after farm,on the other side of the road, with women working in the fields, colourful scarf's
knotted around their heads. He was clearly seeing a mix of east n west, tradition n innovation, Culture n creed ! He was stopped by a small temple thronged by devotees waiting eagerly for the early morning rituals. He was asked to get down from the bike and then he noticed all the people were either walking or cycling their way to work inside the Mansas area.Just beyond it, off the main highway, was a two-storey building.

He parked his bike nearby a tree and entered the temple. Slowly closed his eyez. His mind again went for a rewind with flashing ruminations about his sweet lil chats enjoyed with mita. It striked his mind, that something was always enigmatic and unfathomable about her. Thats what made her unique. She had a dream. He opened his eyes. He realised. Shes just living her dream !
He had pulled her on so many occasions that "she is just another pretty face who will get hooked to an NRI and make a living abroad eating chilled food;-)". Looking around what she had accomplished, he was moved to guilt.
Nobody seemed to pay attention to him. All were carrying on with their work with a clear focus on what they are doing. Cute little kids were cycling their way to school.

He entered the Mansas main building. He was greeted by a tall, sturdy person at the gate. He slowly enquired about
"Can I meet M..mm...ita ?".
"Mita is on a meeting with the village councillors. She will see you in sometime. Please be seated"
He was overwhelmed by the refined response that too addressing her by the first name ??!!

There was a mesmerising music of flute played around the building which pleased his ears and eased the tiredness of his mind. Ya. Pleasant. Peaceful. Everywhere. He slowly went asleep. His fingers felt a tender touch.A tiny lil hand was grazing his fingers. He opened his eyes to see a sweet three year old kid blinking at
him with a mischievous smile. He held her by the hand and gently asked her name. She said "M..m..itt..aa".

To be continued...!

Tuesday, January 03, 2006

wHIMs of Stars !

Sweet lil pain - Thts how he descirbed her in his heart !
she was suave , she was pleasant...she was this..she was tht...
"oh my !" thought Reva... this is the 57th time, shreyas is talking about his crush ... but still she was all ears for him to give him
tht boyish joy ..!

Reva had seen shreyas rite from her school days...
A typical boy next door...
Playful yet responsible...
Sweet when he talks, spicy when he parties...
neat when he sets off to work, rugged when hez home...
so much she knows...abt him !
and she was his repository of his day2day happenings and musings...

After yet another hectic day @ work, reva was jus' home n started to ease herself by relaxing.
She turned on some mild music
of an AR Rehman Classic !

For a moment she looked out of the window...Wah ! It was a Full Moon day ! She quickly reached the terrace to see shreyas..
He was seated quite calm n composed, wondering at the moon !
She silently patted him on his right shoulder and quickly
moved to his left...Shreyas looked around and gave her a warm smile...
"whats up da?"
"Dad is lookin out a gal for me"
"nothin...was thinkin' for a moment..."
"I wanna see her once.Mita."
"(Oh! not for the 58th time)ya wheres she now?"
"There were no mails, no calls ever since we passed out of college.She had always told shez gonna settle in her native, tanjore, a town down south."
"good da. When are you starting ?(her voice was a bit shaky now)"
"are you ok ? bad day at office?"
"No da. Jus a small cold. I will be ok."
"Take care. I will be heading to tanjore for the weekend"

As he came upstairs, he met his dad.
"Shreyas, u have a date this weekend"
"wow, dad, u changed ur business? "
"Shut up ! This is the gal we have seen for u. Ur meeting her @ cafe mocha on saturday evening"
"gr8 ! this is what I call NGP - the "Next Gen Papa". Will u spare me for abt a week dad. I will make it next weekend"
"Is that a promise"
"I dont think so;-)"
and...after a few hrs, Shreyas kicked his bullet and headed down south !

To be continued !