Sunday, April 15, 2007

Sanity - Lost

Alright, it was a pleasant sunday afternoon, and my usual afternoon nap was not taking over me - mebbe my mom didnt cook that well (evalo naal aanalum nakkal matum korayadhu da), am still awake to pen this one !

We, meaning, our own gang of pals had an altogether differnt experience yesterday.
An after effect of me, missing two highway trips last week, as my engine was down with Chennai - Fever(ever wondered what chennai fever is - it is a symptom of high body temperature if one is overloaded with 12+ hours of daily IT work life without adeuquate time to even resort to bird watching in the concrete jungles accompanied by a draught situation which doesnt let one beat the heat with the weekly beers..added with a twinge of spending more to the Junk food everyday which is >= the weekly pocket money my dad gave couple of years back (Phew !)

I somehow got up with a rare kinda energy level, as I was expected to give a presentation to my business people, on friday evening. If at all I bunked this, no one is going to die, just my next hike would go for a heavy toss which would be even more side-splitting than Indias debacle in the world cup, and my chances of getting married before 28 would go bleak (yeah ! am a typical software engnineer who wants to go abroad, get a flat within the city and couple of acres outskirts and marry a fair, slim, good looking gal - though I know the chances of all these are remote , even more than an Ajith film running for more than 100 days (*grin*)

Still I gotta keep going. I was hitting the key board all along last week thinkin when the hell is friday going to come. Just when I was about to pull the shutter on friday, came a mail from my french counterpart in business, stating that he has finished a job in a minutes time for which I had no answer for 3 weeks. (alright ! I would recommend him for the next padmabhsuhan).

Started to think where my life is leading to ? 12+ hours of work everyday, verbal abuses from unknown people which I was supposed to take with a smile, junk food taking over the diets of corproate work force, and riding through the chennai cathepara junction challenging me more than anything with people just not crossing the road but jumping from barricades and still stare at me for forgetting to kick the break after seeing them cross the road.. ! (haiyo !)

what the hell man ! gimme a life ... My lead asked me, what are you doing for the weekend... I just gave a smile and walked off... I got these tips from my bangalore colleague to answer in wierd ways to project managers.

Couple of samples...
What are you doin for the weekend ? :-D
What time are you comin tomorrow ? Suspense

So called up my gang of pals, and asked them to get to home as early as 4 am on saturday morning. When I woke up @ 4 am, my dad was shocked, as the last time i woke up so early was during my geography exam in 10th standard. He asked me "anything wrong ?". I told "No, am just going for a highway ride". The gang gathered, and we zoomed across NH45 before the sun could catch up. And we reached a temple town called Madhuranthakam. More of the trip can be read @ Godo's Launge !

Would try to pen more to substantiate - Sanity regained :D

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Blogger SamY said...

** What time are you comin tomorrow ? Suspense

ha haaaaaaa! That was awesome one man. I am gonna try it next time. And am sure the manager will have his day when he says ur hike is a big suspense :p

11:44 AM  
Blogger IcEyeZ said...

ya ya thats the biggest suspense :D

3:23 AM  
Anonymous sbw said...

hehehe...that was funny :D Your lead must have been wondering what the mysterious smile meant :D

Hope your dream about the fair slim girl comes true :D

But hey, I thought Ajith's movies play for a minimum of 50 - 75 days...isn't it true???

11:22 AM  
Blogger IcEyeZ said...

thanks for your comments. Do drop in your Blog Url...

3:57 AM  
Blogger Heidi Kris said...

marry a fair, slim, good looking gal - though I know the chances of all these are remote


how was ur madhuranthakam trip? did u enjoy the drive?

11:51 AM  
Blogger Heidi Kris said...

long backye padichuten inda post.. but reply pana net romba slowva irundadhu.

11:51 AM  
Blogger IcEyeZ said...

Hey heidi was too kewl... hope u saw the pics as well :)

12:23 AM  
Blogger Vinod R Iyer said...

It's a big boring world out here, isn't it ? :)

Nice post.

10:25 PM  
Blogger AMIT said...

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6:49 AM  

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