Saturday, September 01, 2007


It was a an unusual sunday evening last weekend.
Unusual. Yes. Coz chennai is giving suprises with a super-kewl climate for the past one week.

I was stuck in the sea-ward avenue with a flat-tyre(not mine, my bike's).
Then saw this scene on the road quite adjacent to the sea. It was almost the moon taking over from sunset with the sky getting shady.

And a couple showing their love to each other. So Isn't it blasphemous - Love on the road ?? Really ? I just stopped for a while. Whats even wrong ?

A caring husband holding his pregnant wife's hand and both of them going on a stroll.
SHE, slowly resting her head on HIS shoulders. And uttering a few words. HE, doing some gimmicks to make her laugh.

And I stood there watching the couple cross the end of the road.
Someone somewhere is healing the world. The world isnt that mad still ;).
Then looked at the sky above. whoz gonna fix the tyre ?