Monday, April 03, 2006

Mobile Mania...

Just a small rumination about Miss(Plac)ed Calls n Msgs ! (*Grin*)

"Hey this is my new number: 9899234567 "

psst...And the msg comes from the new number...(*D'oh*)

(Reached a wrong person, however didnt realise the same !)

"Hey Itz Me here "....

"Ya ,itz me here too...(*Evil Grin*)"

(Worse, Reached a wrong person, thinking to be his gf /her bf !)

"Hi Baby, I love u so much "....

"Ya ,I love u too ! whoz this ? ^&%^$$%$ (*Wink*)"

(This is not a misplaced call ...a techincally correct but totally useless response)

"Hey Where are you ?"

"In the Bus !"

"Wow ! ^**^^**^...Grrr "

"So where is the bus ?"

"Almost nearing the house"

"phew !"

So Guyz...Got more ??