Sunday, November 27, 2005

tHe bAD neiGhBoURhOOd !

It was a stormy sunday evening.
With mighty winds blowing , bashing all windows...

The sea looking rough,
showing all signs tht the sleep tonite is gonna be tough...!

Emie's heart was beating all the more faster than the wind.
Emie's parents have left her all alone in the apartment, to attend a weekend wedding.

Emie had her math exam over the next week tht made her stay at home.
She closed her eyez. Took off to her very own dream land.
She was hugging her adonis with the bike racing along the highway.
He was the one... tall, dark and too handsome.
and he was the most caring amomg all, which made him awesome ! to her, to her heart but not to her mind !
probably she thought love was blind !
Nevertheless...her heart ruled her mind, n she was ready to unwind....
The bike racing all the way...with the sun bidding adieu to the day..!

and suddenly...came a quick break...and she was thrown off the bike to the nearby field...
she was waiting for her guy to wake her n give a hug...
but to the front of her eyez... stood the thug!

Eyez so striking in red, and if his looks could kill, shez dead...
went a loud scream...!
she was still alive in her bed !
It was jus' a dream...

her hands getting wet in sweat...
her heart getting met with fate's bet !

This is the 7th time shez getting the dream...
Mainly coz', she was in a bad neighbourhood...
but for the adonis of her dreams, eric, staying next door..!

As she was about to wash her face n mind too, came a distant voice...
which soothened her spine...
"Emie ru ok ?" ..reminded her of the dangerous song of jackson...
She replied "ya am o....k..! "
It was the voice of Eric.

Her thoughts going wild after hearing his voice.
It was upto her to wine n dine...n cool her spine..
or get glued to her math n remain a saint for the nite !

She took the towel. Closed her face.
The rough sea winds whispering into her ears,
tht the night is not gonna be sweet without fears !

Wiped all the water. Opened her eyez. The last thing she wanted !
A power black out !

She doesn't even know if she had locked the door.
Her hands started to shiver. She tried to search for the mobile.
She managed to reach the table to get a match.
And the darkness slowly expelled, as she lighted a candle...

It was pin drop silence with the sound of the tide hitting the shore...
was now, like saying "chill down emie fear is no more.."

But not for long,
she went to see if she had locked the door,
there was a mild agitation on her floor...

She thinks...
"Eric wanting to kill her fear n hug...
or is it the thug ? "

To be Continued...!

Tuesday, November 01, 2005


Jus' thought of penning the shortest stories...:-D

1...He Proposed her. She said "No". And he lived happily ever after ! ;-)

2...Her story is so sad. Hez abroad. Shez all alone here.

3...She was selling sea shells on the miami, but god never warned her of tsunami !:-(

4...2 parachutes.2 men and a school boy were to jump off the plane . First man jumped. The boy lost his school bag.:-D

any scripters out there ? :-)

(Updates frm fellow bloggers...some real kewl ones !)

"it was a cold blooded murder on a rainy dark night..but no one was arrested..and the killers went scot free.........cos it was jus a cockroach"

"A man lived alone and happily on a mountain and one day a women came there"

"A man lived alone on a mountain and one day a women came there..and begun the evolution of mankind ;-)"

@The Bard
"He was all alone in hospital... but giving company was his aids:-("

@Doors of Perception
It was a dark and stormy night. Suddenly a scream rang out.

It was a dark and stormy night. Suddenly a vote rang out.

It was a dark and stormy night.
Suddenly a kiss rang out.

He was a dark and stormy knight.

@Blue Athena
"They were so happy for 22 years. And then they met."